The choice is yours.

So are the savings.

Our mission is to help you save money on your use of energy and natural gas. And that is why we provide a broad range of energy products for your company. While all of them can help your company realize savings, you should first understand your usage patterns and projected needs as well as all of our options for you to achieve optimal savings. Points to consider include:


  • Do you want to be locked into a fixed rate for a pre-selected term, so you can better predict your energy costs, or do you want less of a time commitment and have a willingness to absorb fluidity in pricing, so you have the ability to more quickly change plans?


  • Do you want to get the absolute lowest rate by using conventional energy sources or do you want to support a commitment to preserving the environment by paying slightly more by purchasing from more green, renewable energy sources?


Once you know the answers to these very simple questions, you be assured that you have the right plan for your organization. After all, why should you be directed into products designed for the convenience of your utilities when you can select the products designed to benefit your business? All you have to do is to start by requesting a quote today. Then, once you compare estimates, you will see the product or products right for you. And to switch to us, just send us a confirmation. It’s that easy.


Now you can see the future. At least as it applies to energy costs.

If you want to know what your energy usage will cost each month—so you can budget more effectively—we can arrange a fixed rate throughout the full term of your agreement. Not only would this help you with your forecasting and planning, it could also give you a greater peace of mind. After all, energy prices can even go up or down hourly. Why take the risk?


Save some serious money. It’s all in your timing.

Selecting the variable option instead of a fixed rate can help your company save some serious dollars – if your business is active at night and on the weekends. For example, hospitals, restaurants, entertainment venues, and other enterprises that operate in the evening or 24 hours a day will be able to pay less for the energy they use after normal business hours with a variable rate. In addition, choosing a variable rate gives businesses the opportunity to take advantage of frequent rate fluctuations by locking into a lower rate when prices drop.


How green do you want to get?

If your organization is committed to a reduced carbon footprint, using electricity generated by renewable power sources can help you fulfill a cultural mandate while enhancing your corporate reputation with your clients and the public at large. Of course, green energy is typically more expensive than that generated by carbon-based sources. But we’ll help you keep utility costs down by using a combination of green energy and traditional resources. We’ll work with you to analyze just how effective and cost-efficient solar energy, fuel cells, geothermal energy, hydropower, and wind power maybe for your needs. And then we’ll help you decide what percentage of your power should be supplied by green energy alone.


The savings you want. And the stability you need.

There are two main issues to consider when contracting with a supplier for natural gas – will they keep your costs down and will they provide as much stability as possible in a volatile market. We will help you achieve both of these objectives, because we provide several different options for purchasing natural gas, each with its own advantages:

Fixed Pricing

Under this type of plan the cost of part, or all, of your load is locked in for a set time period. During this time you won’t be able to take advantage of a drop in gas prices if they go down, but you will be protected if prices go up—and you will able to budget more accurately and plan long-term expenses more effectively.

Variable Pricing

With this option, your cost is based on published market rates and is typically less than gas purchased on a fixed price. But prices change frequently due to the market volatility, so planning ahead becomes harder. Overall, monthly index pricing is probably best for companies that can readily adjust their usage to market changes and believe that the cost of natural gas is more likely to decline than rise.

Basis Pricing

With this plan, you can purchase your natural gas at market rates while locking in the cost of transportation from month to month. This enables you to take advantage of downturns in market rates and still ensure stable transportation costs.